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Warning – Non Authorized Entity – Brant Point Management, S.A. – Hatfield Oak International, S.A.


The Superintendency of the Securities Market of the Republic of Panama (hereinafter the “SMV”), in accordance with its legal duty to strengthen and develop the securities market in Panama, and with the purpose of protect the legal framework and the integrity and stability of the securities market in compliance with regulations of the Securities Law (Unified Text of Decree-Law #1 of 8th of July, 1999), warns the public, of the following:

  1. That the Swedish Regulator Financial Supervisory Authority, has warned through a public release that BRANT POINT MANAGEMENT, S.A.HATFIELD OAK INTERNATIONAL, S.A. y LOCHAMADEN, S.A./Nuf has been contacting Swedish investors to sell securities without an authorized license.
  1. This information is available in the following link: https://www.fi.se/Folder-EN/Startpage/Register/Investor-alerts/Warning-list/Warning-regarding-Hatfield-Oak-International-SA-Lochmaden-SANuf-and-Brant-Point-Management-SA/
  2. The companies BRANT POINT MANAGEMENT, S.A., HATFIELD OAK INTERNATIONAL, S.A. y LOCHAMADEN, S.A./Nuf, have not been issued any kind of license by the SMV, nor have been authorized to carry out brokerage or investment advisory in or from Panama.
  1. For further information regarding this release, please contact us by phone at (507) 501-1700, fax (507) 501-1709, or email info@supervalores.gob.pa.

Juan Manuel Martans


Panama, October 20th, 2014.