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Agreements 2005 



Agreements 11-2005

By which the dispositions contained in Law 10 of April 16, 1993, about Pension and Retirement Funds and other benefits as well as the activities of the Investment Managers of these Funds, are developed.

Agreements 10-2005

By which the criteria for the compliance of the public notice obligation regarding facts of importance by the issuers with registered securities before the National Securities Commission is adopted.

Agreements 08-2005

By which the criteria for the imposition of administrative fines for delay in the submission of financial statements and reports to the National Securities Commission is established.

Agreements 05-2005

By which regulations on communication and disclosure of important facts related to merger agreements in which issuers of registered securities are party, before the Commission, are adopted and the applicable registration procedures depending on each case are established

Agreements 04-2005

By which the Republic of Costa Rica is declared as acknowledged jurisdiction to the effects of the definition included in article 1 of Decree-Law No. 1 of July 8, 1999